Web magazine exploring value in a unique and personalized creation of real life.
Web magazine exploring value in a unique
and personalized creation of real life.


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Koichiro Sato Chief Editor

Joined SEMBA Corporation in 1993 First joined account team and then moved to designing team. He has succeeded designing many stores. In current chief position, he direct concept making. He transferred to creative director department from 2015 and planned “Value Creation Project” and launched Independ. Member of Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association Member of Japan Marketing Association Member of NPO Daikanyama Suteki Institute Commercial Space Designer


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Hisayoshi Yamauchi Art Director / Writer

Became an independent fashion writer and graphic designer after a wide experience in sales, planning, graphic production, marketing, and apparel production.Currently involved in graphic production, writing and website work of fashion industry magazine.Representative director of Serendipity Co., Ltd.Former lecturer at Digital Hollywood (design school)Transfered from apparel industry to design industry, and began work in design, advertising, system development, app development, event planning and management.

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Mayumi Kotsubo Writer

After editor of free newspaper, Kotsubo has been working as a planner, writer, produce cooking specialist assistant, and food coordinator for cooking DVDs. Kotsubo perceives the act of eating from different perspectives and when she travels, she explores not only the area’s food culture but produce situation as well.

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Mitsuhiro Minami Writer

Writes for business newspapers, fashion trade magazines, and fashion web media. Minami covers various topics including textile, fashion and clothing materials, and retail stores. He also works as fashion institute professor on the side.

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Kazuaki Tani Writer

WEB media producer, writer, hypnosis counselor, and blogger. Hobbies include traveling and meditation. Banana cakes and espressos keep Tani happy. Works mainly in Tokyo and India with an iPhone in his pocket and a Macbook in his backpack and daily exploring the true meaning of life and outer space.

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Kaori Tomabechi Fashion Writer

Tomabechi utilizes her experiences in sales, planning, graphic designing, marketing, and fashion designing in her independent business as fashion writer and graphic designer. Today, Tomabechi writes for trade magazines and designs websites and graphics.