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A place which cultivates young artists and provokes social interaction”itadaki 〼 café”

itadaki cafe opened at the end of October 2016 at Shinitomicho Station of the Yurakucho Line. The cafe is located approximately 10 minutes by foot from the Tsukiji market, in an area with old-fashioned buildings which emit a "downtown vibe". Contrary to its appearance, the place is filled with creativity.

December 14 2016 , Shop Report




A place which cultivates young artists and provokes social interaction”itadaki 〼 café”


A cozy cafe with a minimal yet luxurious space. The owner of the building is a major frozen food company. It was built at the time of the company’s establishment. “Value Raise”, operated by former members of Xymax (Recruit Group), and “studio shikumi”, managed by alumni of the Tokyo University of Arts, have teamed together to renovated the building into a shared workspace for young artists and talented creators.

Since then, the first floor of this building has been used as a shared space for people who use the studios on the upper floors. Later, “Prestige Partners” who manage regional communication areas joined the project and opened the new community cafe, “itadaki 〼 café”, to better utilize the atmosphere.

Like a plain white canvas, the atmosphere is very flexible. The name “itadaki”, a Japanese term which means “get” or “receive”, has been chosen to express the hungry nature of artists aiming for the top. It also stands for “Itadaki masu”, a commonly used phrase to express gratitude towards a delicious meal.


On the walls are works of artists supported by itadakiBLDG


At the grand opening, Marche was present, selling vegetables from Kumamoto, Hokkaido, and Chiba (Nagareyama).They plan to continue this regularly in the future


A highly flexible atmosphere and building, approached from various angles, anticipates the birth of new ideas.

There are three factors to this cafe. The first is its use as a rental space. Seven to ten times a month, the space is rented out to be used as a photography studio or party space. The flexible, multipurpose space can be freely transformed to create various scenes.

Secondly, the café is a great place for artists to relax. The second floor is a gallery (exhibition space), and the third floor is a shared studio partitioned by veneer boards, where seven to eleven artists and creators work day and night.


The fourth floor is atelier TOCOHA studio used by approximately twenty five artists and craftsmen. On the fifth floor is a guest house with two rooms and a large kitchen space, attracting many foreigners with its location near Tsukiji. Many overseas guests are also drawn to the idea of sharing a building with ateliers of young artists who may create the future of our country. Finally, the third great use of this cafe is as a place of interaction for the local community. Before its opening a few months ago, nobody would have guessed that this building would be “filled with ateliers” where artists and creators are work day and night. The cafe helps revitalize the community by offering a place for interaction, familiar to locals. Art × Local ×Cafe. Furthermore, the space also serves as a disseminator of Japanese art to the world.



TOCOHA workshop on the fourth floor offers space where various artists can do special work such as engraving, lacquer and metalworking.







Many of the customers are foreign tourists. There is Japanese style room which allows them to experience Japanese culture. The kitchen can also be used as a rental space for occasions besides accommodation.


They are also able to accept requests according to the visitor, such as vegan and vegetarian needs.

Their vegetable dishes and specialty coffee, refreshing to the body.

The cafe also offers a menu for vegans. Mr. Tashiro, a jewelry artist and owner of TOCOHA Kobo, is allergic to chickens and eggs, but is able to dine safely at itadaki 〼 café. Besides vegans and vegetarians, many who have allergies feel comfortable when dining here, due to the fact that they use carefully chosen vegetables purchased directly from contracted farmers. For these reasons, the cafe is appreciated by many vegetarian visitors from worldwide.




Soy milk tomato chicken curry set (five grain rice) 950 yen


Vegetarian sandwich set (pumpkin croquette) 900 yen


In addition, this cafe has a strong commitment to coffee. Aside from their specialty coffee which is ranked in the top 5% globally, the quality of the specialty decaf coffee (Columbia) caught my attention. 99.9% of caffeine has been removed through a method called the “carbon dioxide extraction method”, which is currently known to be the safest way to decaffeinate raw coffee beans without losing its flavor. Thanks to this method, the quality of their decaf coffee is at a completely different level compared to others. Currently, the only cafes which serve this decaf coffee is in Karuizawa, Sumida-ku Towbo, and here in Shintomi-cho Chuo-ku, at itadaki 〼 café.

Mr. Makino of Prestige Partners spoke to us of his determination to provide a quality menu, conscience to the needs of the customer, while respecting the values of the creator (producer, manufacturer). itadaki 〼 café stimulates our inspiration through their creative atmosphere, filled with ambition of artists, along with carefully prepared cuisine and coffee.


Cafe latte 400 yen

Text: Mayumi Kotsubo
Picture: Mayumi Kotsubo
Translation: Yukie Haneda

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